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{New*} Happy Diwali Jokes SMS, Funny Messages 2016 Images

Happy Diwali Funny Jokes SMS Messages - Shubh Deepawali friend! Today we have something really cool, really funny for you on this lovely occasion of Diwali. As you know that, funny stuff is something most shared over the Internet. People love to share funny jokes, memes, picture messages, funny clipart, cartoon images etc to friends through Facebook and WhatsApp. So you must need this kind of lovely stuff to share on this Diwali. To fulfil you need, we have an awesome collection of funny jokes SMS for Diwali 2016.

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Ok, 1st of all I want to share a list of stuff which we are going to share in this article -

  • Funny Diwali Jokes SMS 2016
  • Happy Diwali Jokes Images 2016
  • Funny Diwali SMS Messages 2016
  • Funny Diwali Facebook Pic 2016
  • Diwali Funny Whatsapp DPs 2016
  • Funny Diwali WhatsApp Status 2016
  • Free Diwali Funny Pictures 2016

So, now you are fully aware of stuff you are getting in this article. We are giving you all kind of choices from where you can select according to your requirement.

Now, how do you guys going to utilize your Facebook and WhatsApp to send this hilarious stuff? Well. we also going to assist you in this task. We don't want you to miss any single chance to celebrate Diwali Festival with close friends, family, and relatives.

Happy Diwali Funny Jokes SMS for WhatsApp Groups 2016:

Let's start with Happy Diwali Jokes SMS, now what 1st thing comes to your mind? I must say WhatsApp. You can send Whatsapp Diwali Jokes to friends one by one or you can do another thing - Just create friends group on WhatsApp, Add all your friends in that group and share your jokes SMS in the group. By doing this, you can share the single joke with all your friends. Another god thing you have done here is - some of your friends haven't not from the last couple of months and years, now they are connected by you and they can share the lot more things in the group.

Ask your friend if they share more funny stuff in the group, the more people active, the more stuff is going to share. Your small effort can make a big change.

Create this kind of group for family and relatives too. Don't miss anyone as someone said - "Happiness will be double if shared". So, share more happiness with friends, family, and relatives through WhatsApp.

Now, you must need Diwali Funny SMS Jokes, Clipart Images for WhatsApp. Get the collection from the following -

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Internet Chat and Browser History deleted, and also Whatsapp Gallery and Videos.
Bas Ho Gayi Hamaari Diwali Ki Saaf-Safai!
Happy Diwali!

Rocket - Rs. 90
Bomb - Rs. 70
Anaar - Rs. 85
Fuljhadi - Rs. 45
Chakri - Rs. 130

Total = Rs. 420 :( :( :(

It's a completely wastage of money.

BLENDER PRIDE or SIGNATURE (RED) + Tandoori Chicken = Maximum Rs. 750
Khoob Khao aur Peeyo... Patakhe Khud Bajenge.
Have a Peggy and Leggy Diwali! :) :) :D 

...(Jokes Credits -

“बुरा ना मानो होली है”
यह कह कर किसीने मुझ पर रंग फेंक दिया था…
आज “बुरा ना मानो दिवाली है” यह कहकर
मैंने उस पर **बम** फेंक दिया…
आज पूरा मोहल्ला मुझे ढूंढ रहा है…

आपकी दिवाली मंगलमय हो,
आपको दिवाली ADVANCE में मुबारक हो,

में जानता हूँ कि में बहोत जल्दी WISH कर रहा हूँ,
कितुं क्या करू ?
जिन्हें मुझे Wish करना है,
इसलिए पहले में
Uncles और Aunties को Wish कर रहा हूँ…

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Latest Happy Diwali Funny Facebook Jokes Images 2016:

Another collection is - Facebook Diwali Funny Images. We people like to share images, funny memes, clipart cartoons on FB. This Deepawali, we are going to share Funny Diwali FB Picture Messages in different ways.

1st of all, download Diwali funny images from the following collection. Now, upload it on your FB wall and tag your close friends. Add some hilarious words in it, done!

Free Download Diwali Funny Joke Images 2016
Pic Credit - 

2nd, share an image in various groups and pages and add caption something like "Thanks for allowing me to share my stuff on your page/group". This will work like magic, the admin is going to approve your post. You can make new friends by doing this, people are going to like you.

3rd thing you can do is - share Diwali funny SMS jokes with friends though FB Messager. Copy the joke from here and share it in the chatbox. You can do this also - copy the URL, use google shortener and get the short link, share it with the friend by saying "Hey, I have something special for you in this Diwali, must check it". This way you can share full article with him. He will be happy by having such amazing funny collection in his chat box where he can get everything that he wants.

Funny Happy Diwali Jokes Images Free 2016

Funny Happy Diwali Jokes Images Free 2016

Last but not the least, if you really like Diwali Memes, you can upload it as Happy Diwali Facebook Cover. Cove image which everyone notices when he visits your ID. Switch your regular image with all new Diwali Funny Cover Photo. Now check out the images -

Happy Diwali Funny Videos 2016 - Enjoy some of the most funny and comedy diwali videos, MP4 videos, Diwali Cartoons Images, youtube videos for diwali 2016. 

So, thats all we have with funny diwali jokes sms, diwali cartoon videos and whatsapp jokes. Everyone in this world wants to be happy and jokes are the most important thing to make anyone burst into laugh. This Diwali, it is your responsibility to make your friends smile. You can send funny Diwali Videos, Share Comedy Messages, Jokes, Memes, Funny Cartoons, Pictures, Wallpapers, Funny Diwali Clipart, Diwali WhatsApp Videos and more. May this Diwali brings happiness in your life. Ye Diwali Khushion Vali...

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